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XemDem Day

All right. Xemnas/Demyx needs more love, because it does. And yes, I’m posting this on the wrong day but I only got the idea to write this down while I was already in bed last night. Anyway, better late than never (and I’ll forget this by January Ninth.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Xemnas or Demyx. I do not own anything to do with Kingdom Hearts, except, of course, a single copy of each of the games and a few of the manga and yadda, yadda… I’m just a fangirl, okay? This entire post (which is not long enough to call a dissertation) is based on my opinion. It is therefore, biased towards my thinking.

Warning: This is yaoi. That means slash, shounen-ai, Boy’s Love, BL, guy/guy, male/male, and basically, I am trying to say that I am arguing a (fandom-created) homosexual couple. Got it? Good. Also, this contains spoilers for Kingdom Hearts II, so if you haven’t played it and don’t want it spoiled at all, please disregard this post. Thank you!

The Superior
I’m going to start with the higher-ranking member for organization’s sake. No pun intended. Anyway. Xemnas seems like a cold-hearted (okay, no-hearted) bastard. And hey, he… is. And he has bad taste in fashion and he makes funny faces. But that’s not the point. The point is that he obviously has low-tolerance for incompetence. (Axel: But I’m not getting turned into a dusk for…) However, he has not turned Demyx into a dusk, or in any other manner demoted the boy.

And here come the rabid fangirls yelling “He is useful dammit! D=!!”

Right. So was Axel, and if he is still in The Organization at that time, obviously Xemnas has no idea that Axel was the one who killed the rest of them off. He’s not that stupid. Also, Demyx ran out on his mission in The Underworld even though he had the upper-hand. But obviously Xemnas let him stay.

Also, (and this is where we get into crazy fangirl territory), there is the matter of The Castle. All the rooms that are explored in the castle are named things that have to do with either Xemnas (naught, nothing, etc) or none of The Organization members. Well, that’s not a complete lie, but what about The Hall of Empty Melodies? Why would Xemnas name a giant room that is right before The Proof of Existence after Demyx?

The Melodious Nocturne
Demyx, Demyx, Demyx… The optimistic, goofy, foolish one. Even if he believed that he had a heart, Xemnas just wouldn’t be his type, right? Except that Demyx actually has a sense of self-preserving. He can’t go against The Superior.

Speaking of survival… Demyx obviously wants to live. He yells “Nooo way!” as his last words. However, he knows he can’t win (“They’re sending the wrong guy…”) and has an argument with himself before the final battle. Finally, he manages to convince himself that he has enough courage.

Therefore, Demyx fights even though he doesn’t want to and doesn’t believe he can win. He must be fighting to get in the good graces of someone high-up (someone very high-up.) Also, because of his self-inflicted argument, it can be inferred that someone convinced him that he was strong enough. I’m not going to say Xemnas definitely gave him a pep-talk, but it is a possibility.

All right. That was by no means complete. Or very good or convincing but…

…Dude, whatever. XD;
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