Xylia (x_of_greene_x) wrote,

Think I should update more often.. XD

I'm going to update my journal more often (hopefully.) Okay, so like, basically, nothing interesting has happened... um... yaye? Grr.

We should've had today off because President Ford died and public schools are federal institutions, right? Yeah! Come on. T_T

I hate school...


Also, I really need to stop drawing pictures 'cause *coughXemwon'tletmecough* they're getting pretty... um... *ahem.* Anyone who's seen them knows what I'm talking about.

Maybe I should focus on writing because I suck at that.

Oh, but I also suck at critical analyzation or whatever (stupid SATs >_<)

Also, something I don't like about how my journal is automatically crossposted to Facebook is that I can't have a facebook layout DDDDD= Nofair! I love my LJ layout <33 Hate to toot my own horn but it's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.

Oh, and, everyone should know this already but I have NO words to describe how much of a fucktard Kevin Federline is. >_> The K-fed way to spend the first day of the new year: Getting your ass handed to you during a choreographed wrestling match and then by the refs. Smooooth.

This is not to say that Britney's any smarter. Don't get me started.

Oh, and, because I really want to know: before they hung Saddam, did they finish the prayer/chant? I don't think they did, the ending seemed kinda abrupt. I was like: "Uhh, oops! XD" But yeah, that was a sucky way to go. And the video clips aren't that great DDD+

And "graphic" and "inappropriate for some viewers" my ass. I saw him standing, I saw the rope over his head, I saw a blurry thingy, and then a close-up of his dead (yaye~) face. That's it. DDD= I kinda really wanted to see him hang.

Kay, moving on. I'm actually kind of really excited to hear the new Fallout Boy album. A lot of new albums kinda disappointed me (or maybe I've become so immure to the preexisting songs that the new ones sound foreign.) Like, I don't like Evanescence's "Open Door" as much as "Fallen" (P.S. I think "Sweet Sacrifice" should've been their first hit, not "Call me When You're Sober". But maybe that's just me) and "The Black Parade" 'cause I totally loved "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge." Oh, and I don't own Ciara's first album but her second isn't as catchy, and neither is Gwen Stefani's. That, and "What You Waiting For">"Wind it Up." Plus, you can't beat a classic like "Hollaback Girl." I *do* like "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" though, so I'm hoping their new album will be really good. <3;

I'm only making a new paragraph because the last one was so long. Anyway, I'm also looking forward to Tokio Hotel's new album of which I forgot the name to... P.S. They're a German band and they're also working on an English version of their album. I guess they're kinda like Hilary Duff and Jesse McCartney and Jojo and Lindsay Lohan, etc... (um, in that most kids my age totally hate them) but I think they're awesome <3. And they're not teenypop, they're like punk/rock/emo. But I guess everyone hates "emo" music too... Whatever. Tokio Hotel>All of them. Except Jesse McCartney is Roxas in Kingdom Hearts so I have to cut him some slack. =D;;; I love Roxas.

I'm really bad at this blogging thing, aren't I? Oh well.

Also, more random celebrity junk 'cause I'm on Oh No They Didn't right now...

Okay, People apparently named Ashlee Simpson as one of the top five makeovers 'cause she changed from punk to "sexy." First, she could never pull of punk, so I'm not gonna go there, but the thing that pisses me off is that her "after" picture is UGH. She looks like a total slut, and it doesn't flatter her waist, and I just totally hate the pattern. I also think they ran out of celebrities because I don't think Cameron Diaz's new hair counts as OMGBESTMAKEOVER EVER. I mean, I think it looks nice? But dude, she just dyed her hair.

>_> I don't know why, but reading about celebrities is addicting.

P.S. Apparently Ms. Nevada isn't getting back her crown because of racy pictures of her making out with other girls and showing her thong/breasts/etc, which is UNACCEPTABLEEE except that they gave Ms. USA back /her/ crown after she was caught underage drinking. So in other words, the pageant people want little girls everywhere to drink underage, but not to make out with other girls. (Although I should admit, they WERE really racy.) Scratch that. Damn, WTF. These pictures are gross~ Except, I don't get why they posted the one where they're just kissing 'cause that's pretty PG. =/

P.P.S. Someone's comments: "Well, you might keep "hmmmm" about it, but it's true. If i had a husband, i rather catch him drunk than cath him making out with other guys. Same if it was an underaged son." ...Yeah, nah, I'd rather catch them making out with other guys. Although, if I caught my son pretending to give another guy a blowjob, I think I might get more upset. Ewwwww.
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