Xylia (x_of_greene_x) wrote,


Life is soooo boring. Which is better than stressful, at least, but boredom IS stressful.

And so's not being able to sign on AIM.

Hey, you? Yeah you? E-mail me plz. I'm freaking boreeed.

Also, Zimmer 483 isn't downloading right and I'm about to get angry because I really wanted to hear Tokio Hotel DDDD=

Annnnnnyway, umm... yeah, bored.

Oh, and if anyone has subtitles for Death Note: The Last Name, please share XP;

ALSO OMG I can't wait for KH:FM to come out because you KNOW there will be videos up and you know what that means? AMV-zeit~!

...God I'm such a dork.
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