Xylia (x_of_greene_x) wrote,


Alright so, lately? I've been having computer problems.

Photoshop won't run... it ran out of space and I had to delete a lot of shit... It's been laggy... the internet barely works right now and I had to try connecting like seven times...

Anyway, my dad's taking care of the fucking problem.

From Sunday night at nine PM, I no longer have a laptop on weekdays.

Usually they just take away internet and I sneak on but no. They're taking away the whole fucking laptop.

I'll have no place to write, draw, listen/upload/update/download music...


And it all stemmed from the fact that I absolutely suck at AP US history.

So tomorrow, I have to go buy a new book with my father. And then when we get home he'll probably make me read it.

And then Sunday I have art class.

Not to mention sometime between today and Monday I have to take care of Relay for Life business, and, get this, read 48 pages of my GODDAMN HISTORY TEXTBOOK.

Anyway, don't get too worried if I'm not present a lot.
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