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Okay, this post is kind of random but I made icons and I have a few questions.


You've been warned. =P


1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14

Lyrics for 4 "Golden" by Fall Out Boy
Lyrics for 5 "Everglow" by Mae
Lyrics for 9 "Suspension" by Mae
Lyrics for 12 "Walking With a Ghost" by Tegan and Sara
Lyrics (I guess) for 14 "Lighthouse" by The Hush Sound

Please credit if you use them. Thanks!

Okay, and finally, to end my totally random post. O.o;; WTF. I have questions about the ending.

Don't look if you haven't seen the ending!

Okay, this one doesn't have to do with the plot or anything but seriously, what is UP with his crotch/inner thigh area??

Look at his hair!! And he's got bright blue eyes and he just generally looks like Roxas, so.... is he?

Okay, so, like, his eyes... changed color at the end. Whyyy? It's obviously not the lighting because it's still blue around him. I don't get it, but I think it's significant that they changed to orange. Oh, and I think he looks like Zack (if you don't know who Zack is, he's Cloud's best friend from FF7)

=OOOO Mr. Evil dude has Organization XIII boots!! WTF.

Hmm... I looked at him and the first thing I noticed was "Orange eyes, silver beard." Who does that remind you of? If you said Xehanort/Xehanort's Heartless/Xemnas, you think kind of like me!!

Except that Xemnas doesn't have pointy ears-- Saix and Xigbar do, however-- and the evil dude seems to rely on ice attacks... Also, he has a keyblade-claymore like weapon thingy. And I was thinking, well, he can't be Saix 'cause Saix is 1. Paler and 2. Has a scar and 3. Has yellow eyes, not orange. And then I was thinking Xigbar but he has 1. One eye 2. A scar 3. Yellow eyes. And then I was like "D= Nevermind."

I also think he's related to Xeha/Xem 'cause of the fact that he can't come up with a non-ugly outfit to save his life.

I really hope Nobodies/Somebodies-with-Nobodies/Heartless can't come back to life/age/etc.

'Cause I would be disappointed. D;

Thanks for reading. XP

Icons and blather x-posted to khyaoi.
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