Xylia (x_of_greene_x) wrote,

Because I'm a dork...

!! Okay, so, OMG FINAL MIX IS VOICED YAY!!!111111

Okay. XD; I'm okay. I promise.

Anyway, so, things I wanna tell you guys about because I'm a TOTAL DORK and I'm avoiding doing HW AGAIN...

I decided to download BL dramas!!

Also, I couldn't find any with Norio Wakamoto (if you have any/know of any, please share <3)

Okay, so, I couldn't find any Norio Wakamoto/Ken'ichi Suzumura AKA lookatmyavatar (obviously because Norio Wakamoto BL is next to none *sweatdrop*)

BUT! I did find a Sakurai Takahiro (Cloud)/Ken'ichi Suzumura (Demyx) Which is... interesting. XD It hasn't finished though 'cause it's kind of a big file. Uh, I hope it's as interesting as it sounds. It's called "Cherry Boy Sakusen" so it should be. =P

And then I gave up on trying to find any Xem/Dem (*crycry*)

And realized that there is no Keiji Fujiwara/Ishida Akira (AkuZeku) either!! WTF YOU'RE KILLING ME, BL.

AND. There never will be because Akira-san isn't doing BL anymore.

But I did find Toshiyuki Morikawa/Ishida Akira (Sephiroth/Zexion... O_O)

And I'm listening to it right now.

It's kind of disturbing actually. I can't tell what's going on and I can't tell who's talking. XD Okay, that was a weiiiird grunt.

Remind me to never ship Sephiroth/Zexion. Yeah.

Oh, and, Akira-san is so cute when he sings <3

I still like Keiji Fujiwara's voice better.

P.S. if anyone can find me more BL drama or songs where one of them is singing (actually, can someone get me some Toshiyuki Morikawa songs? >_> Plz) then I <33s on you forevers. V_V

If you have no idea what BL is, who these people are, or what the FUCK I'm talking about, you must be reading this on facebook <3
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