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MORE ICONS [October 30th 2005|8.34pm]
They're all Sephiroth/Cloud icons, by the way. All five. XP

Teaser: 1.

I have too much timeCollapse )
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Icons! [October 29th 2005|4.21pm]
I made 10! And okay, the Reno one's old, but most people haven't seen it.

Teaser: 1.

Hizamazuki, yurushi o kou sugata o mise te kureCollapse )
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Cont. [July 19th 2005|5.55am]
MORE major quiz spamCollapse )
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I love these things... [July 19th 2005|5.54am]
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[June 21st 2005|11.34pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Hi everyone! Guess where I am? Well, if you don't know 'cause I didn't tell you, odds are you probably aren't reading this anyway because you wouldn't have the URL to my LJ.

Or something to that extent.

...You try being on a plane for like, 20 hours.


On the bright side, we stopped in Japan and I got a newtype and the original copy of Naruto volume 1. I can't understand it at all, but that's really just fine with me.

I hated the plane ride.


The long one. From Detroit to Tokyo.

12 hours next to this little toddler girl whose favorite activity was ripping my headphones from the little armrest socket.

And I watched "Racing Stripes" in Japanese.

But only 'cause I did NOT want to hear Hayden Panteirre (...however you spell her name)'s voice.

She plays Kairi.

That should be enough information.

Anyway, so I'm totally bored and I do NOT want to read the children of Henry VIII or write on The Inferno. I forgot to bring my paper that tells me what I'm supposed to write anyway...


Full report later/when I get back/sometime in this lifetime.


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[June 9th 2005|11.29am]
Hey guys... I haven't written in awhile, but, anyway... TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Anyway, I don't think I did well on my German finals but I got an A- on my Bio one (everyone else got like, B's so I thought I was gonna get like, a C...) I also got a 95 on my History final (which is good, because I got a B- on the mid-term... GRR).

Yeah. Anyway, I also got an A- on my Math final (kind of disappointed. I thought I'd do like... really, really, mindblowingly well. Okay, not THAT well, but still...)

So I <3 Ed (can you tell?) and Roy/Ed and Ed/Roy and EEEE Full Metal Alchemist ROCKS. MIGHTILY.

And Advent Children comes out a fortnight after we start school again (GRRR...)

But I <3 the new E3 Trailer, you know?

I just hope there isn't any Cleris. Dude, if there is, I will SCREAM.

Or Cloti.




So I'm going to Laser Tag soon and Friendly's and then to Lisa's and yeah.

I won't be back until Friday morning.

Not that you care, because you haven't heard from me since April! XD;;; *Slow*

Anyway, I'll be in China from June 20th to July 20th for those of you that actually read my LJ... (yes, this means I'll have to get my copy of PotC2 in China. Bootlegged. Before it gets in theaters. =P)

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[April 15th 2005|6.25pm]
So... just another day. Yup. No homework today though, which is a huge plus! And I got myself a new LJ icon. (Took me long enough, right? Yeah, I know, I know!) Anyway... there's so much I want to do, so I'll make a compromise by not doing any of it. XD;;;

I want to:

Draw a new Zelloyd.
Draw a Seph/Cloud.
Write a Zelloyd.
Write a Seph/Cloud.
Write a Riku/Sora.
Draw a doujin.
Get a tablet.
Finish my Bio-Sem speech.
Wait, no. START my Bio-Sem speech.
Do the poster too.
Watch Last Exile.
Watch Vampire Hunter D.
Eat something good.
Finish up some plot/skeleton stuff on WO.

So... yeah. Well, except I'm actually planning to get Bio-Sem stuff and WO stuff done (or started) this weekend... and, well... ugh. I'm gonna try and make it a nice weekend. And stop thinking about the Exorcist, which isn't all that scary unless your brain consciously tries to scare you with it, no matter how much you try to push it to the back of your brain. My brain's just mean like that.

^_^ That's all...
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[April 2nd 2005|12.34pm]
Whoa... remember me? O_O;;; I haven't posted in this thing for over a month. Is that bad? Anyway... nothing new... but I'm on this art high. Like, I'm making art here, there, everywhere... kinda reminiscent of that time that I made like, 8 sigs in the course of two days. And they were mostly decent, too! Except that one guy I made one for used it and then posted like he was the one who made it...

Anyway, I think most of it's on fanartcentral. And I should really make a site... oh well.

Made a new sig/av set today too. Sephiroth/Cloud again! XD;;

Other than that, nothing interesting has happened... school's a total bore, everyone in art thinks I'm some sort of superartist... the flattery is nice, but it's kind of embarassing too. Like... even the stuff I think I do that's really bad I get a lot of good comments on. Which is good for my ego, but not my head.

Annnnyway... ugh, I think my grades are all dropping somewhat. Dad will be all mad, even though they're probably all high B's or low A's...

And that's good, right?


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Wow. [February 17th 2005|12.56pm]
It's definitely been a while. Ugh. Anyway, today's a half day and I get all weekend, so I'm happy-snappy pants-ss-ss!

Yeah, except for that whole Chinese essay bit. Did I mention that it's 400 words long and I've got... 0 written down? Yeah, not good. Ugh. I should really start that soon. Really soon. Really, really soon. Like, right after I finish this. And maybe some more surfing.

Actually, I'm not supposed to be online entirely. I'm sneaking on because I'm sneaky like that. Sneaky like a sneaky fox. Are foxes sneaky? They're sly...

Yeah, I may have had too much sugar. I blame it all on the sugar. And the ramen. And carbs. I love carbs. Anyone who gives up carbs voluntarily needs help. Did you know that Dr. Atkins died from his own diet? How do you like THAT, huh?!

But come on. Meat-meat-meat and no veggies? No sugar? No POTATOES?! WTF?! That's like saying: Alright, you, right there, become a carnivore.

Yeah. Right. And notice how people become vegetarians to go on a healthy lifestyle...

...Meat-eating has definitely fucked with their brains.
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[February 4th 2005|5.30pm]
Augh. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate LA.

Vocab was easy, but I still have to read 15 pages of The Odyssey, write 4 journal entries and fill in the stdy guide which "isn't manditory but you should do it for your good" which means if I don't do it, I'm screwed on remembering the characters. Also, this has to do with non-LA school....

Okay, so I can't take Japanese II next year because they don't offer it because not enough people are taking it (that is, only about 6 of us Japanese I students are passing...) and, yeah... so next year, I have to take German again. Then my 8th grade German teacher suggests I take German II in my spare time so I can catch up and take German III instead, but then they say I can take Japanese II as an Independent Study next year, which means on my own time.

>_<;; Glad to get all that out of my way. Anyway... onto happier news...

I was on KH2F and OMGOMGOMG CC is Sephiroth's sidestory?! AND Cloud-subway-advertisement shot.

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AIEEE! [January 29th 2005|10.29am]
[ mood | hyper ]


There's a new trailer on FF7:AC, the official site. And it's beautiful, and it's kinda messy because there's a lot of blur, and rainbow-light, and soft lighting, and scene transitions... which, I think, is supposed to be a play on Cloud's confusion.

Anyway, but that's not the interesting part. That's not that part that makes me go: AIEEE!!! Is... well, this is gonna be a bumpy ride, so hold onto your drawers and don't piss in 'em*...


Sure, it's for like, 3 seconds and it's all flashy and I wasn't able to tell that was Sephiroth except that someone told me... but I downloaded the trailer from ff7ac... and was able to pause. And ogle. And pause. And ogle.

That totally made my day. <3333

*Anyone who guesses correctly who said that quote gets a cookie.

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Uhh.... hi. [January 28th 2005|9.53pm]
Alright. So, my actual day.

Huh. Well, I guess you could say it was interesting. You know, if you're one to sit down and have a friendly chat with your entire health class about penises. It was very hard to keep a straight face. You know, if they're going to teach people about the male anatomy, don't give the organs such funny names. XD;;;

Anyway, so the first thing my teacher says is: Draw a penis. It's not like I do that anyway, but it's like... if I drew one, and it was accurate, I think it would surprise many people. So I drew a circle with a question mark. You know, in case I drew something weird on it or missed something or... yeah... let's not dwell on that, please.

And then Ana raises her hand and asks; "Is semen high in calories?" Well, apparently it's low-cal. Yeah, just make that your diet. Besides, if you're doing it right, you should be /losing/ weight, not gaining it. Huh... but how many calories would it be, anyway?

UGH. >_<;;

Did I mention how hard it was to keep my mouth shut? I wanted to laugh. Really, really badly. Why is it so funny? I know Andrew's explained it to me a billion times that it's just 'cause we have gutterminds and it sounds really funny... but... XDXDXDXDXDXDXD;;;

And that's all that was interesting.

Oh, I totally bombed the math test/quiz.

10 questions. Took me two periods. The bonus question was...

...Evil. I guessed and checked on the asymptotes.

Therefore, I failed.

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